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News & Updates

7/9/2019Completion of Daicon IV exhibit is on the way..... Also 2 new cels of 'Touch' coming soon....
5/22/2019Uploads of the Daicon IV setting sheets will continue throughout the next week or so as it will take time to scan and stitch things together. Additional uploads upcoming, but will depend on my schedule as I am busy.
3/15/2019Mark's anime collections now open.

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Title Last Updated
Daicon IV (19) 5/28/2019
Kimagure Orange Road (2) 3/15/2019
Maison Ikkoku (18) 5/26/2019
Ranma 1/2 (2) 4/16/2019
Touch (2) 7/10/2019
Urusei Yatsura (3) 7/10/2019

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Gallery Created: 3/14/2019
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